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Athletic Commission

Black and white image of two fighters in action in a boxing ring with audience on bleachers

Nelson Gans fight at Goldfield, Nevada - September 3, 1906
Image from the State Archives (OC-1695).

This collection contains the records of the Nevada Athletic Commission from 1965 to 2010. There is 16 c.f. of material containing minutes, correspondence, fight disclosures, and other records that pertain to the regulation of professional unarmed combat in Nevada.

To learn more about the commission, download the history here:

Contents Dates Extent


Purse Sheets 1976-78; Club Reports 1976-79; Yearly Reports 1965-75; Officials Waivers 1995-2006; Personnel Sessions 1980-91; Executive Sessions 1990-93; Medial Advisory Board 1985-2005

1965-2006 1 cu. ft
Minutes 1967- 2010 4 cu. ft
Correspondence 1997-1998 2 cu. ft
Promoter Files  A-Em 1980-2010 1 cu. ft
Promoter Files En-KO 1980-2010 1 cu.1 ft
Promoter Files Ku-R 1980-2010 1 cu. ft
Promoter Files S-Z 1980-2010 1 cu. ft
Fight Disclosures 2000-2003 1 cu. ft
Fight Disclosures 2004-2011 1 cu. ft
Show Files 2004-06; Promotional Rights Files 1992-2002 1996-2006 1 cu. ft
Amateur Promoters Files A-Z; Arbitration Files 1989-2001 1980-2001 1 cu. ft
Health & Safety Committee Meetings; NSAC Reports; Bout Agreements 1975-2010 1 cu. ft

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