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Board of Nursing

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State Hospital, Nurses Quarters (1959)

Image from the State Archives (PLAN-0065).

The materials in this record group consist of the minutes of board meetings, 1923-1974; microfilm of the log books of the Licensed Practical and Registered Nurses, including lapsed and current members; and microfilm of the Licensee Index Card File. The records contain the name, address, school of nursing attended, location of the school, license number, and residence of the applicant (state or country). There is a separate listing of nurses belonging to religious orders working in the various hospitals in Nevada.

To learn more about the board, download the history here:

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Minutes of Board Meetings

Records of the periodic board meetings since the creation of the Board in 1923, initially held every six months, eventually held three and then four times a year, for the purpose of holding the examinations for certification or licensing.


0.5 cu. ft.

Log Book for Licensed Practical Nurses and Licensed Registered Nurses

Microfilm copies of the log book of licensed practical nurses and licensed registered nurses, including lapsed and current members. The file distinguishes the nurses belonging to religious orders in a separate listing. The numbers of the licenses for both the practical and the registered nurses follow one sequence. The information contained in the log book includes application for exam, name, address, school of nursing attended, location of school, license or certification number, and the origin of the applicant (state or country).


1.2 cu. ft.

Licensee Index Card File

The Licensee Card File consists of microfilm of 5"x 8" index cards with the names of all licensees in the State of Nevada. The cards contain name, address, education, basis of registration (whether by examination or endorsement), license number, date issued, action taken, and endorsement from other states.


0.3 cu. ft.

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