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Commission on Equal Rights

The records of the Equal Rights Commission in the Nevada State Archives consist of three series: Affirmative Action Records, Compliance Reports, and Administrative Records. There is 2.5 c.f. of material from 1958 to 1997.

NRS 233.190 establishes the confidentiality of records of the Commission’s investigations of alleged unlawful discriminatory practice in housing, employment, and public accommodations and specifies conditions under which those case file records are no longer confidential. Those records are scheduled for destruction by the Commission three years from the close of the case. None of those records have been received by the State Archives. Of the records in the State Archives, all are open for research. An in-house database provides folder level access.

To learn more about the commission, download the history here:

Contents Dates Extent

Affirmative Action Records

This series contains surveys of and correspondence to and from various types of institutions describing their affirmative action programs. The file contents vary but may include EEO statements, statistics on workforce composition, sample job application forms, rules and regulations of the Civil Service Commission, and newspaper clippings. The records are arranged by type of organization such as banks, cities, businesses, hotels and casinos, construction and unions, and public utilities (including television and radio stations).

1958; 1963-1979; bulk 1970-1972

1 c.f.

Compliance Reports

This series consists of surveys sent to the categories of organizations listed above in the Affirmative Action series description, requesting information about the number of employees; employment policies related to race, color, religion, and national origin; types of interviews and pre-employment tests used; statistics categorizing employees by sex and minority groups; sample job application forms; and newspaper clippings. Also included in ERC-0001 are copies of U.S. Presidential Executive Orders #11246 and #11375 for 1965 and 1967 regarding equal employment opportunity and nondiscrimination in government employment.

1965-1984; bulk 1970-1972

1.25 c.f

Administrative Records

This series includes minutes of commission meetings, reports of the commissioner to the governor and Legislature for 1965 and 1977, biennial budget materials and statistics, detailed responses to requests for information from the Legislative Counsel Bureau regarding Commission operations in 1996, and a policy statement regarding attorney contact with clients (1997).

The minutes for the Commission are incomplete but include the following:

  • December 8, 1977
  • March 8 and December 6, 1979
  • June 19 and December 29, 1980
  • February 6 and October 7, 1981
  • March 3 and June 30, 1982
  • May 11, 1983
  • August 21, 1986
  • January 21, 1988
  • August 3, 1995
  • January 17, 1996

Minutes for the Commission meetings of July 15, 1961 and December 12, 1963 are part of the Nevada Attorney General correspondence files and are located in box AGO-0080, folder 9. Folders 8 and 10 also contain correspondence related to the early days of the Commission and to the months in late 1959 and early 1960 preceding the Winter Olympic Games at Squaw Valley.

1967; 1977-1988; 1995-1997

0.25 c.f.

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