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Department of Insurance

This collection contains the records of the Nevada Department of Insurance ranging from 1936-2002. There is 51.5 c.f. of material consisting of general files, service of process files, licensees code numbers, annual statements, financial records, cause files, and insurance company files.

In accord with the evolution of the Insurance Office, records created between 1941- 1951 should be classified under the Series Insurance Commissioner; from 1951 to 1962, the Department of Insurance; and after 1963, the Insurance Division. However, in view of the particular character of the records in the collection, and the overlap in the inclusive dates, two (2) subgroups were created:

  1. INSDIV - Insurance Division, consisting of general files of the division
  2. INSCOM - Records of two insurance companies originating in Nevada: The Mark Twain Life Insurance Company and the Great Basin Insurance Company

To learn more about the department, download the history here:

Contents Dates Extent

Division General Files

The general files of the Insurance Division consist of correspondence, records of licensing, reference information, and other materials of all the insurance companies functioning in the State of Nevada, arranged in alphabetical order, as well as miscellaneous files of the Division.

1936-1943; 1953-1969 1966-1970; 1992-1995

11 cu. ft.

Service of Process Files

The records in this series pertain to the different procedures in the establishment and licensing of insurance companies, arranged in alphabetical order.


1 cu. ft.

Licensees' Code Numbers

A binder of computer printouts, marked Very Important, not to be taken out of the file.


0.5 cu. ft.

Annual Statements

This record series consists of bound reports to the State, about the Great Basin Insurance Company, 1957-1969; Pioneer Title Insurance Company, 1965; First Life Accident & Health Insurance Company, 1964-1965; and United Mutual Fire Insurance Company, 1953. They are contained in two oversize flat boxes.


1 cu.ft.

Receipt Ledger

Financial records. Bound volume.


0.5 cu. ft.

Cause Files

This record series documents the administrative procedures of the Insurance Commissioner in determinations on suspensions, revocations, and other actions of licensees. Files may include all original documentation of consent orders, hearing notices, certificates of mailing, summary of suspensions, revocations, hearing transcripts, and any other documentation and correspondence which pertains to an individual file. They may also contain copies of selected correspondence for public viewing and Commissioner's hearing notes.


27 cu. ft.

Mark Twain Life Insurance Co.

A binder of computer printouts, marked Very Important, not to be taken out of the file.


8 cu. ft.

Great Basin Insurance Company

Another insurance company founded in the State of Nevada; the series includes claims, licensing, examination reports and correspondence.


2.5 cu.ft.

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