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Board of Pardons

This collection (NvSA-000193) contains the records of the Board of Pardons from 1865-1994. The 99 c.f. and 5 volumes of materials consist of minutes, parole board hearings, parole records, and closed client files.

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Board of Pardons

Minutes of the Board of Pardons contain agendas, reports, and hearings related to applications for the remittance of fines, commutation of penalty, or substitution of punishment. The series consists of five volumes: 1865-1888; 1875-1890; 1880-1895; 1891-1908; 1895-1902. Two files of Board of Pardons meetings, 1896-1918, are also located in the records of the Attorney General, in AGO-0298.


5 vols.

Parole Board Hearings

This series consists of agendas, statutory time hearings, referral and progress reports, reports on parolees and parole violations as well as parole revocations from the Nevada State Prison, Southern Nevada Correctional Center, Northern Nevada Correctional Center, Nevada Women Correctional Center, Southern Desert Correctional Center, and the various conservation camps, including hearings on parole revocations. Arrangement is in chronological order.

1957-1958; 1977-1988; 1989-1993*

83.8 cu. ft.

Parole Board Records

Files of paroled and discharged inmates, arranged in alphabetical order.


1 cu. ft.

Closed Client Files

Microfilm copies of closed inmate files classified into parole, probation, expired parole, prison, expired prison, and miscellaneous division in period segments. Board Hearings, January 1, 1989 through June, 1993


14.3 cu. ft.

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