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Public Employee Retirement System (PERS)

Black and white image of John Koontz holding an American Cancer Society poster


Secretary of State John Koontz, (1943-1973). 
State Archives control number PERS-0132.

This collection (NvSA-000113) contains the records of the Public Employee Retirement System from 1947-1979. The 4 c.f. of materials consist of correspondence, minutes, and supplemental meeting materials.

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Content Dates Extent

Board Meetings:

Some files include just minutes of the meetings, while others include supplemental material for the meetings as well. Also, there are Capital Plaza Building files which PERS administered as an investment for the System.

1947-1979 2 c.f

Executive Officer Correspondence:

Alphabetically arranged by employer group. These records include interesting files such as correspondence with the University of Nevada, the Retired Public Employees of Nevada, and the actuarial firms employed by PERS.

1947-1977 2 c.f

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