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Photographs of the State Capitol

Photographs in the Archives

The Nevada State Archives has an extensive collection of photographs dating back to the founding of the state in 1864. These photos consist of varied subject matter--landscapes, portraits, candid scenes, and surveying trips. Some of these can be found on our Digital Collections website. Copies or access photographs not on the website will require a trip to the archives. These photographs offer pictorial evidence of our state and its diversity.

Most of the photos were created by state agencies in the course of normal business and consist of cartes-de-visite, prints on paper, film and glass plate negatives, and electronic files. Current access is through an in-house database. Not all available photographs have been scanned nor is all the information about our photos online at this time.

To facilitate public access the Archives staff created contact sheets of, and identification reports for, selected subjects and state agencies. Most of the scanned photos are at a resolution of either 75 or 100 dpi; if you require a higher resolution or would like to request the use of images for publication, please contact us.

Each photo is identified by a unique code (example: CCC-0001) that allows us to find the image more easily. This code is listed on the attached contact sheets that have been created for 'Carson City' and 'Events'.

Black and white aerial view of Nevada Capitol complex

Aerial view showing Capitol Complex (1913)
Image from the State Archives (NSC-0005).

Photographs of the State Capitol

Summary: Photographs of the Nevada State Capitol. Views range from 1870 to 1913.

The Nevada State Capitol building was constructed between 1869 and 1871.

Nevada State Capitol Collection.

Location: Nevada State Library and Archives, Carson City, Nevada.

  1. Nevada State Capitol (Carson City, Nev)
  2. Carson City (Nev)

RGPN: NSC 0001-0004

ID: NVSV92-F325 CC: 9554 DCF: a

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