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Duties of the Treasurer involve receiving and keeping all moneys of the state, receipting all moneys to the State Controller, and disbursing public moneys upon warrants drawn upon the Treasury by the State Controller. The Treasurer is charged with the responsibility of keeping a just, true, and comprehensive account of all moneys received and disbursed and with fixing, charging, and collecting reasonable fees for special services rendered to other state agencies. The Tresurer is responsible for the safekeeping of all bonds and securities of the state pertaining to his/her office.

The current treasurer is Zach Conine (2019-present).

Name Held Office Political Party
Mike Mirabelli 1963-1979 Democratic
Stan Colton 1979-1983 Democratic
Patricia Cafferata 1983-1987 Republican
Kenneth Santor 1987-1991 Republican
Robert Seale 1991-1999 Republican
Brian Krolicki 1999-2007 Republican
Kate Marshall 2007-2015 Democratic
Daniel Schwartz 2015-2019 Republican
Zach Conine 2019-present  

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