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Weather Service/Climatologist

Plack and white image of snow plow digging out Donner Summit

Digging Out

Deep snow at Donner Summit, 1952.
Image from State Archives (NHD-0004).

This collection (NvSA-000229) contains the records of the Weather Service/Climatologist from 1877-1979. The 81 c.f. of materials consist of climate and crop information, weather station observations, and Nevada section monthly bulletins.

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Contents Dates Extent

U.S. Weather Bureau (USWB) Records

Climate and Crop Service, Nevada section Monthly Bulletins, 1897-1909, 1925-48


Reno Weather Station

  • Monthly record of observations, 1905-1915, 1917-1948.
  • USWB Forms 1001,1002, 1014.
  • Climatological record monthly compilations, 1888-1930.
  • Memoranda, 1905-1916, 1937-42.
  • Hubbard Field, record of business and personnel, 1931-48.
  • Substation salaries, 1920-70.

Carson City Weather Station

  • Meteorological reports of Charles Friend from the Carson City weather station, 1881-95.
  • Monthly record of observations, 1892-1904
  • USWB Forms 1001, 1002.
  • Daily journal, 1887-1906.
  • Designated forms and annual and tabulated, reports 1899-1905.
  • Climatological record monthly compilations, 1888-1905.
  • Means book monthly compilations, 1887-1905.

Other Weather Stations

  • Elko weather station voluntary observers' meteorological records, 1888-1950.
  • Meteorological observations from closed stations, 1908-62.
  • USWB meteorological observations statewide weather stations, 1888-1972.

U.S. War Department, Signal Service

Forms 113, 101 Monthly meteorological reports at the Carson City weather station,


Paper Files

These records contain voluntary meteorological observations, 1877-1979, from all Nevada weather stations statewide, arranged alphabetically. Some stations in communities lasted only a few months and some cover many decades.


81 cu. ft.

State Climatologist Charles W. Friend

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