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NCE Quick Start Guide: Home

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Just getting started with the Nevada Career Explorer? We're here to help! Follow the steps below to integrate this new tool into your library. There are also helpful tutorial videos to walk you through the Nevada Career Explorer. This new tool has a lot of potential and we are very excited to get it to library patrons across Nevada. 

Headed2 has created several helpful tutorial videos for the Career Explorer, linked below:

If you need help with the Nevada Career Explorer, contact Tammy Westergard ( or Joy Holt (

Step 1: Include the Nevada Career Explorer on your library's website. 

Some libraries include Nevada Career Explorer in their A-Z List of Databases, others include it on a list of career/business resources. Whatever makes the most sense for your library. There are ready made graphics like the one below accessible to all libraries to use, available here (scroll to the Logo section).





Step 2: Advertise the Nevada Career Explorer in your library, on social media, etc. 

Now that your library and patrons have access to this new tool it's time to let them know! There is a great selection of promotional marketing materials made available by Headed2 for libraries to use, available below. These are pre-made posters, bookmarks, and shelf wobblers that you can print in house, send to a professional printer, or post on social media. 

Step 3: Host programs around the Nevada Career Explorer to encourage use. 

In order to encourage use of the Nevada Career Explorer, the state library has collected a wide array of programming opportunities both for adults and youth. The programming opportunities are available here. There are 12 adult programs and 19 youth programs ready to be adapted to your library.