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Nevada State Library, Archives & Public Records

Nevada State Librarians from Past to Present

1860 - 1950

1860 Percy G. Childs, Territorial Auditor, Ex Officio Librarian
1864 William W. Ross, Ex Officio Librarian
1865 Chauncey N. Noteware, Secretary of State & Ex Officio Librarian
1871 James D. Minor, Secretary of State & Ex Officio Librarian
1879 Jasper Babcock, Secretary of State & Ex Officio Librarian
1883 Charles E. Laughton, Lieutenant Governor & Ex Officio Librarian
1885 Oliver H. Gallup, Lieutenant Governor & Ex Officio Librarian
1887 Henry C. Davis, Lieutenant Governor & Ex Officio Librarian
1889 Samuel W. Chubbuck, Lieutenant Governor & Ex Officio Librarian
1889 Frank Bell, Lieutenant Governor & Ex Officio Librarian
1891 Joseph Poujade, Lieutenant Governor & Ex Officio Librarian
1893 Oscar H. Grey, Secretary of State & Ex Officio Librarian
1895 Eugene Howell, Secretary of State & Ex Officio Librarian
1903 William G. Douglass, Secretary of State & Ex Officio Librarian
1911 George Brodigan, Secretary of State & Ex Officio Librarian
1915 Frank J. Pyne, first full-time State Librarian
1929 Virgil M. Henderson, State Librarian
1935 E. Charles D. Marriage, State Librarian


1950 - Present

1950 Ada Pointer, State Librarian                                                  
1951 Constance C. Collins, State Librarian
1959 Joseph F. Schubert, State Librarian
1961 Stanley E. Adams, State Librarian
1962 Mildred J. Heyer, State Librarian
1970 Joseph J. Anderson, State Librarian
1986 Joan G. Kerschner, State Librarian
1999 Dale A.R. Erquiaga, Interim State Librarian
1999 Monteria Hightower, State Librarian
2001 Sara Jones, State Librarian
2007 Guy Louis Rocha, Interim NSLA Administrator
2007 Daphne Arnaiz-DeLeon, NSLA Administrator

Jeffery M. Kintop, NSLA Administrator

2019 Patrick Colegrove, NSLA Administrator
2019 Tammy Westergard, NSLAPR Administrator
2021 Jovon Sotak, NSLAPR Interim Administrator


Mike Strom, NSLAPR Administrator [Present Administrator]

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