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Records Landing

Records Center Request Portal (Versatile Web Enterprise)

The State Records Center seamlessly integrates with the Versatile Enterprise, providing an advanced records management system with unparalleled capabilities for information management. The integration with the State Records Center enhances this capability by providing a user-friendly module, Records Center Request Portal. This portal serves as a gateway for requesting box labels, requesting records retrieval, enabling users to log in, enter an inventory or stored records, and check agency retention schedules. 


Utilize the Records Center Request Portal below for convenient access to these essential functions

Records Center Request Portal


For those seeking to view records in the Carson City office, appointments can be scheduled by calling 775-684-3411 or emailing Please note that records will only be pulled upon conformation of an appointment, and any missed appointments will result in records being re-shelved. Explore Versatile Enterprise in the Records Center Request Portal to enhance your records management experience.