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Nevada Talking Book Services

Audio and braille books and magazines

Digital Players

Digital players are provided to all patrons who want them, but we can only loan one player per patron.

When you open your talking-book player box, you will find a series of instruction sheets, the player and packing materials.

The instruction sheets, in large print, comprise a list of important safety instructions and a Quick Start guide embossed in Braille. All instruction sheets should be saved for reference.

Store the box where you can find it so that it can be used to return the player for servicing.

To return the player, mail it to the address shown on the other side of the address card.

There are two players: Standard and Advanced. Most patrons will use the eight-button Standard Player.

The Advanced Player adds five buttons: Menu (how to navigate the book), Prev (move backward), Next (jump forward), Info (hear current reading position and other information), and Mark (set bookmarks).

Equipment User's Guides

Every patron is provided with a digital player if one is desired.

  • Please keep the box in which your machine arrived because you may need to return your machine at some point.
  • Audio books from this service will only play on the equipment provided and some third party players.

Requesting a Replacement Machine

If your machine malfunctions, it is important that you call our library at 775-684-3354 or 1-800-922-9334. If a Reader Advisor is unable to correct the problem over the phone, you will need to return the machine to us, and we will send a replacement.

Using the original box, just place the machine in that box, turn the mailing label over so the notched edge is in the upper right hand corner.

  • Please take it to the post office for postage free handling; do not return it to us through your mail carrier.
  • Call us if you are experiencing any difficulties with your machines or a replacement is necessary.
  • Please do not attempt to repair the machine.