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Nevada Talking Book Services

Audio and braille books and magazines


The Nevada Talking Book Services (NTBS) collection covers pleasure reading materials for adult, young adult and juvenile readers, similar to that of any public library. It includes bestsellers, mysteries, westerns, science fiction, romances and biographies.

Foreign language and some reference books are also available.

Readers may request specific titles and authors, or they may ask the NTBS staff to select books for them based on their reading interests.

Readers can also receive popular magazines in audio and Braille formats or download them from the BARD website


Nevada Talking Book Services contracts with the Utah State Library to provide Braille books to eligible Nevadans. These books are loaned through postage-free mail directly to the reader. The service also allows eligible patrons to borrow a braille e-reader device. Contact us at 775-684-3354 to receive this service.