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2022 LSTA

Grants Portal

NEW: Grants Portal

All 2022 LSTA applications, reports, and reimbursements will be submitted online through the Grants Portal

  • Direct url:
  • Contact LSTA Coordinator Sulin Jones if you would like to create a Portal user account:, 775-684-3340

IMLS Credit

IMLS Credit

You MUST credit IMLS on all flyers, press releases, blog posts, invitations, webpages, social media, powerpoints, news stories, signage, email announcements, etc. Books and equipment should be labeled as well.

  • This is not optional.

See IMLS' Grantee Communications Kit:

The type of recognition varies according to the type of activity:

  • Written materials must include a credit line indicating IMLS as a source of support;
  • Graphic items such as posters or brochures should include the IMLS logo (see Grantee Communications Kit, available at displayed in accordance with the Logo Standards Guide;
  • Online products, digital publications, and websites should include links to the IMLS website,;
  • Audio/video broadcasts must include a tagline indicating IMLS as a source of support. Video broadcasts should display the IMLS logo.

In materials that contain or present substantive project content, such as an exhibition, article, catalogue, or other publication, video documentary, or online exhibition or website, the acknowledgement must also include the following statement:

 “The views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this (publication) (program) (exhibition) (website) (article) do not necessarily represent those of the Institute of Museum and Library Services.”

For questions about whether a product requires this statement, contact the IMLS Office of Communications.


Federal Support

Acknowledgement of Federal Support

When issuing statements, press releases, requests for proposals, bid solicitations and other documents describing projects or programs funded in whole or in part with Federal money, all grantees receiving IMLS appropriated funding, including but not limited to State and local governments and recipients of Federal research grants, shall clearly state:

  1. The percentage of the total costs of the program or project which will be financed with Federal money;
  2. The dollar amount of Federal funds for the project or program; and
  3. Percentage and dollar amount of the total costs of the project or program that will be financed by non-governmental sources.

(See IMLS fiscal year 2020 appropriations act – Section 505 of the Title V (General Provisions) of Division A of Public Law 116-94, December 20, 2019).

2022 Grant Manual

2022 Grants Manual coming soon

NOTE: Subgrantees are responsible for notifying the NSLAPR LSTA Coordinator, in writing, if there are any changes to key project personnel. This includes the Library Director, project manager, authorized certifying official, etc.

Reports/Other Forms

Quarterly/Mid-Year Reports

Quarterly/Mid Year Reports are available in the community Grants Portal. 

  • Log into the Portal with your user account: 
  • Click on Update
  • Locate your funded grant and click on the Application ID (APP-00xxxx)
  • Click on New Report
  • Under the Action heading, click New

Project and Budget Revision Request

Project Extension Requests

One month project extensions (through September 30, 2023) will be considered.  You must contact the LSTA coordinator first. 

Final Report Forms

Final Reports coming soon.

Survey Reporting Worksheets

Optional forms for your internal use.

Required Surveys


Survey Reporting

Do NOT submit actual surveys to NSLAPR. Submit final results. 

Why Survey

The survey questions, which align with PLA’s Project Outcome, are meant to do two things:

  1. Help measure project outputs/outcomes for the final evaluation, while at the same time providing a tool for to make informed data driven decisions regarding future activities
  2. Help IMLS identify new innovations, investment patterns, and track trends regarding LSTA effectiveness, value and impact

When to Survey

An evaluation survey for all LSTA funded instructional programs and certain content acquisition projects is required by IMLS. The survey questions vary, depending on the activity and beneficiary: 

Instructional Program for the Public
  1. I learned something by participating in this library activity
  2. I feel more confident about what I just learned
  3. I intend to apply what I just learned
  4. I am more aware of resources and services provided by the library
  5. I am more likely to use other library resources and services
Instructional Program for Library Staff
  1. I learned something by participating in this library activity
  2. I feel more confident about what I just learned
  3. I intend to apply what I just learned
  4. Applying what I learned will help improve library services to the public
Content Acquisition for Library Staff
  1. I am satisfied that the resource is meeting library needs
  2. Applying the resource will help improve library services to the public
Planning/Evaluation for Library Staff
  1. I believe the planning/evaluation addresses library needs
  2. I am satisfied with the extent to which the plan/evaluation addresses library needs
  3. The information from the plan/evaluation will be applied to address library needs
The above questions are from IMLS. Please, do NOT alter them, but feel free to add additional questions or a comments section to suit your project outcome needs. 


Special Events-Invite the State Librarian

If awarded an LSTA grant, the Nevada State Library staff would like to help you celebrate your successes! If you host an open house, launch party, or special event, consider inviting the State Librarian and/or the Deputy State Librarian. Contact Sulin Jones for arrangements.

Special Events-IMLS

Send timely press releases to the LSTA coordinator for forwarding to IMLS. They can often help promote at the national level.

Guidelines for IMLS Acknowledgement

As a grant recipient, you are required to acknowledge the IMLS and the Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records in your announcements, flyers, press releases, banners, videos, events, as well as on all grant funded materials and equipment. Example: 

Funds for this project have been provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records.


Use of the IMLS logo is required on all publications. NSLAPR's logo may be included as well. Logos are available below:

Social Media

You're encouraged to tag IMLS (as well as NSLAPR) in any social media post that promotes your LSTA grant project:

Also, remember to capture social media content to include with final reports.


A picture is worth 1000 words, so we highly recommend that photo documentation and video URLs be submitted with your final report.  If members of the public are in your snapshots, also get a photo release. 

IMLS Guidance - Allowable Costs, ADA, eBooks, LEP, Title IX, etc.

IMLS has prepared a series of guidance memos on how to administer and report on the use of LSTA funds.