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COVID-19 Guide


As you prepare to navigate the next phase of this unprecedented  pandemic the Nevada Library Association and the Nevada State Library have put together guidelines of best practices for reopening buildings to staff and patrons while ensuring a safe environment. Special thanks to: ‘think tank’ members Joan Dalusung, Jeff Scott, Diane Baker, Tod Colegrove, Kassie Antonucci, Amy Geddes, Marcie Smedley, Starr Hoffman, Sulin Jones, Norma Fowler and Bruce Douglass. NLA Board members: Forrest Lewis; Tod Colegrove; Carla Land; Morgan Tiar; Joy Gunn; Sam Leif; Susan Thurnbeck; Joy Holt; Kassie Antonucci, Brenda Owens and Garett Dacay.


By The Numbers

1 Tuesday meetings discussing reopening concerns, challenges, logistics
1,000+ Combined data points collected during the meetings and through a survey
Reopening Guidelines partnership completed between NSLAPR and NLA
7 Reopening assignments/tasks completed by NV libraries to develop Reopening Guidelines
180 Hours of research, data analysis, and discussion to develop Reopening Guidelines