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Local Government Records Services

Retention Notice

NAC 239.161, Dissemination of Schedules for Retention of Records; Minimum Period for Retention of Original Record identifies the length of time Official State Records (NAC 239.101) must be retained before final disposition, which includes destruction, retain permanently by the local government entity, or if having historic or permanent value, with the approval of the NSLAPR Administrator, transferred to the State Archives (NRS 239.123). The approved Local Government Retention Retention Schedules are available in the links below.

Disposition Statement:

  • Destroy (destruction of non-confidential records, which may be deleted or recycled.)
  • Destroy Securely ( secure destruction, which is to destroy in such a manner that the records cannot be retrieved reconstructed per NAC 239.722.
  • Permanent, Retained by Local Government entity
  • Permanent, Transfer to the State Archives (if having historical or permanent value with the approval of the NSLAPR Administrator), NRS 239.123.

Local Records Retention

Retention schedules for "Official Records" are determined by considering the record function, along with fiscal, historical, legal, administrative, and cultural requirements associated with each record. These schedules establish guidelines outline the minimum retention requirements before disposition is reached. Additionally, they specify the appropriate timing and methods for destruction or permanent retention of records that have surpassed their necessary retention period. Records lacking an approved retention schedule are mandated to be kept indefinitely.

These Retention Schedules are for LOCAL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES ONLY.  Please go to the States Records Services page for more information about records retention for state agencies.  

Alphabetical List

Local Government Complete Records Retention Schedule

Amended December 21, 2020

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