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NTBS Information: NTBS Information

Nevada Talking Book Services Information

For questions or comments please contact Nevada Talking Book Services.

Nevada Talking Book Services
Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records
100 N. Stewart Street
Carson City, NV 89701-4285

or call: (775) 684-3354 Carson City/Reno

E-mail to:

Toll-free in Nevada: 1-800-922-9334


Donate: Support the Talking Book Services

The Nevada Talking Book Services (NTBS) needs your help. The NTBS accepts donations and memorial gifts to be used by the Talking Book Program. These funds are used to enhance our services, supporting individuals and families in your community who need a more effective way to read because of a physical impairment, a reading disability or a vision impairment. We are extremely careful with the dollars you entrust in our care. By making a donation today, you are helping transform lives one child, one adult at a time. 

Donate by Mail: If you would like to make a donation by mail, please send your contribution in the form of money order or check to: NTBS, 100 North Stewart St., Carson City, NV 89701. Memorial Gifts: Memorial gifts are a wonderful way to celebrate special occasions or holidays, to thank a friend or relative, to honor someone special or to remember the life of a loved one. Notification of your gift will be sent to the honoree or family of the deceased.

Matching Gifts: You can increase your donation with employer matching funds! Many employers will match your personal donation. Check with your company for more information on matching gift programs.

Planned Giving: A gift bequest to NTBS is your guarantee that your gift will continue to benefit people in need of our services now and for years to come.

For more information, please call the administrative office of the Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records at 775-684-3339.

Changes in Address or Service

Please notify the Nevada Talking Book Services (NTBS) if you move or if you change your address, phone number, email or move to another state.

Please notify us if you decide to cancel your service permanently or if you wish to place your service on temporary hold for up to six months. Also, if you believe you are no longer eligible for service for any reason, please let us know. You can call us at 775-684-3354 or 1-800-922-9334, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Please call us if you are going to move to another state permanently. If you will be living outside the state of Nevada for six months or longer, we must transfer your account to the current state in which you reside; this is a requirement of the National Library Service. You will no longer receive service through the NTBS, and you must return all digital books that we sent you. You should take the machine with you to your new address; we will transfer the machine, your reading record, and your original application to the new serving library. To make your transition as easy as possible, please call us, and we will transfer your service and give you the contact information for your new serving library.

If you travel extensively throughout the United States your library will be from the state of your permanent address.

Use of the U.S. Mail Service

No postage is required to borrow or return materials. Most of the materials sent out by the this program are eligible for Free Matter for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. When returning materials to us, simply place the items into a regular post office drop box or take them to the United States Post Office. A permanent return label is affixed to all containers; no mail card is required.

Postal regulations require that anyone who mails materials as Free Matter for the Blind and Physically Handicapped must register with their local post office. Some post offices are stricter than others. Any problems you may be experiencing may be cleared up by talking to your post office. If a mail carrier refuses to pick up materials, you are responsible for returning them to the post office. You may want to talk with the Postmaster to see if the problem can be resolved.

Loan Policies

The following policies govern the circulation of books and equipment to eligible blind and/or physically handicapped readers of the Nevada Talking Book Services.

Eligible readers who borrow materials from the library accept responsibility for using materials with reasonable care, returning them to the lending agency according to established loan policies, and not losing or damaging them through negligence. Violation of this policy can result in suspension of some or all library services. [NLM 9.10.2]

We do not have due dates on the books we send you. Books are on loan to you and should be returned when you are finished, within one year of receipt or when stopping service, whichever event occurs first.

Magazines do have due dates. Digital magazines in red containers are sent to you from NLS. These should be returned to the sender as soon as you are finished with them. Magazines from use should be returned within one month of receipt; this included the SilverLining newsletter, Guideposts, Mother Earth News, and Nevada Women's History.

Patrons are required to borrow one book or magazine cartridge, download one book or magazine or borrow one braille book per year to remain active with the program. 

A borrower in good standing may have a maximum of three digital cartridges checked out to him or her at any one time. Once a borrower reaches the maximum number of cartridges, no additional cartridges will be sent until a book is returned. For each cartridge returned in each format, a replacement will be sent to the borrower. Although we do not charge overdue fines, it is in your best interest to return cartridges promptly. 

Recorded books and specialized playback equipment are loaned to eligible registered readers without charge. Records will be kept of all such loans. The borrower should notify the library of changes of address, a desire to cancel the service, or temporary or permanent transfer of service to another geographic area.

Books and equipment will be loaned to registered readers as long as they are eligible and as long as they actively use the materials each twelve month period. All books and playback equipment remain the property of the federal government.

The borrower will ensure that books, magazines, and equipment being returned to the library by free matter are delivered into the hands of the United States Postal Service by being placed in a mailbox or brought to the post office. Placing them on the doorstep of the borrower’s home for the mail carrier to pick up does not constitute delivery into the hands of the postal service. 

Borrowers may not lend library books, magazines, or equipment to other persons.


Nevada Talking Book Services safeguards the privacy of patrons' registration and circulation records in accordance with the State of Nevada Revised Statute (NRS)  239.013.

Misuse of Service

It is our pleasure to serve the patrons of the Talking Book Program, and we hope that our staff, materials, and equipment will be treated with equal care and respect. It is possible that you may have your borrowing privileges suspended if any of the following occur repeatedly:

• Requesting replacement of equipment or materials that have been damaged through carelessness, abuse, or unauthorized repair.

• A large number of overdue, lost, or damaged books.

• Obscene, harassing, degrading, or threatening language or behavior to any Nevada Talking Book staff member(s) or volunteer(s).

• Loaning of books, magazines, or equipment to others.

• Refusing to respond to machine audit requests or overdue book notices.

If it appears that you have misused service in any way, our staff will first discuss the problem with you by telephone or in person. A letter will then be sent that states the problem and provides an opportunity for you to respond within 30 days.

To avoid suspension, you must contact us before the scheduled suspension date and be prepared to explain why suspension should not take place. If misuse of service continues, the NTBS staff will send a notice suspending your service.

The suspension period will not exceed six months and will affect only that portion of the service that has been abused. Service will not be permanently canceled and will resume after the suspension date. You will be notified by mail when your service will be returning to normal.

If service abuse recurs, a second written communication will be sent to the client citing the earlier warning letter, listing examples of subsequent abuse, giving the client an opportunity to reply by a certain date, and then suspending the service for a stated period (up to six months). A specific date for resumption of service will be included in this letter.

NRS 239.013 Confidentiality of records of library which identify user with property used.

Any records of a public library or other library which contain the identity of a user and the books, documents, films, recordings or other property of the library which were used are confidential and not public books or records within the meaning of NRS 239.010. Such records may be disclosed only in response to an order issued by a court upon a finding that the disclosure of such records is necessary to protect the public safety or to prosecute a crime.(Added to NRS by 1981, 182)


Collection Development Policy


Nevada Talking Book Services Strategic Plan


Related Service Providers

The Nevada Talking Books Library provides these resource links as a courtesy only; we do not endorse any product or service listed below and we do not have control over their content. To access the resource list, open the document below.

Related Service Providers

Outreach and Tours

Outreach Power Point

Schedule an Appointment

We are available in the Reno/Carson City area and greater Las Vegas area to attend conferences, meetings, and facilities to speak about our program. For more information, contact the appropriate staff person below or visit our tour page.

In the North:

Hope Williams

100 North Stewart St.

Carson City, NV 8970


Fax: 775-684-3330

Toll free 800-922-9334

In the Las Vegas area:

Brett Silver

6655 W. Sahara Ave. suite B200

Las Vegas, NV 89146


Fax: 702-486-7297

Support Provided By

National Library Service (NLS)

NLS contracts for the manufacture of the Braille and recorded books and magazines and the special playback equipment and accessories. NLS provides the administrative support to coordinate the network of regional and sub-regional libraries around the nation.

Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records

Nevada Talking Books, as part of the Nevada State Library and Archives, coordinates services statewide.

Library Services Technology Act (LSTA)

Federal grants through the Library Services Technology Act, Institute of Museum and Library Services help support this program.

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