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2021 LSTA

2021 Deadlines/Important Dates

2021 LSTA Grant Calendar
Funding Period: July 1, 2021 - August 31, 2022

Grant Type Activity Date
All Announcement of LSTA grant program  November 9, 2020
All 2021 Overview webinar (mandatory) - will be recorded November 18, 2020 
Competitive Proposals Due (mandatory) January 15, 2021
Competitive Proposal phone calls  January 20-22, 2021
Competitive Proposal written feedback to applicants January 29, 2021
Competitive Application webinar February 1, 2021
Competitive 1st Draft Due, Competitive Grants (mandatory) February 19, 2021
Competitive 1st draft review and feedback to applicants March 5, 2021
Competitive Final Application Due, Competitive Grants March 26, 2021
Competitive SCLL meeting, review and ranking of competitive applications. Applicant Q&A April 13, 2021
Mini Cycle 1 Mini Grant applications due May 17, 2021
Competitive, Mini Projects begin, competitive & cycle 1 mini grants July 1, 2021
Mini Cycle 2 Mini Grant applications due August 16, 2021
Competitive, Mini* 1st Quarter report due (if applicable) November 1, 2021
Mini Cycle 3 Mini Grant applications due November 15, 2021
Competitive, Mini* 2nd Quarter report due (if applicable) January 31, 2022
Mini Cycle 4 Mini Grant applications due February 15, 2022
Competitive, Mini* 3rd Quarter report due (if applicable) May 2, 2022
Competitive, Mini* 4th Quarter report due (if applicable)  August 1, 2022
All 2021 LSTA projects end. Project extensions will NOT be granted August 31, 2022
All Reimbursements Requests: Final day to request reimbursements. No reimbursements will be processed after this date. September 15, 2022
Competitive, Mini Final Reports due November 4, 2022

*Quarterly Reports for Mini grants are linked to project start dates. Not all project will need to submit reports for all 3 quarters. Refer to your Grant-In-Aid (GIA) agreement for your required and reports and their due dates.

2021 LSTA CE Scholarship (Travel to Training) Calendar
Funding Period: July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022

Activity Date
Announcement of CE Scholarships March 2021
Applications due Rolling: 1 month before project start date or 2 months if airfare is requested; Deadline waivers with LSTA Coordinator's approval
Funding notification At least 2 weeks prior to project start date
Final evaluation due 2 months after project end date
Reimbursement requests due 2 month after project end date or 07/23/22, whichever comes first

Please contact the LSTA Coordinator if you have questions about deadlines or would like to request an extension. Reasonable accommodations will be considered.