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Imaging & Preservation Services

New Customers

If you are unsure if your agency is a new or returning customer, please contact us.

As a new IPS customer, there are a few steps that must be completed before diving into a project:

Completion of the Annual Service Agreement -  The Annual Service Agreement outlines general service expectations between IPS and the customer for the fiscal year.  Each of our customers are required to have a Service Agreement on file with IPS before starting a project.  Service Agreements are reviewed and updated by IPS and the customer every fiscal year. 

Completion of the Request for Work Form – The Request for Work Form is how you initiate a project with IPS. Submit the completed form to the IPS Supervisor.   The Form takes you through the technical information that IPS will need to complete the project. 

Statement of Work – The Statement of Work is similar to the Annual Service Agreement; however, the Statement of Work outlines the project details regarding the specific project.   The Statement of Work also includes an Authorized Users list.  These are individuals identified by the customer as people IPS can communicate with regarding the specific project.