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2023 LSTA

IMLS Credit and Publicity

Contact Information

Subgrantees are responsible for notifying the NSLAPR LSTA Coordinator, in writing, if there are any changes to key project personnel. This includes the Library Director, project manager, authorized certifying official, etc.

Final Report Activity Data

Prepare for your final report - collect data as you go!

Reimbursement and Reconciliation Forms

Submit Reimbursement/Reconciliation requests online, through the Community Grants Portal.  Retain original copies for grant records per the IMLS LSTA Retention Schedule. Instructions: Log in, select Reimbursements from the top menu, select the appropriate grant project, and Create/Edit a transaction. Unless preapproved for Advanced Payments, LSTA grants are Reimbursement ONLY. Use these forms to submit your reimbursement requests. Don't forget to attach invoices/receipts and proof of payment.

Project Amendment Request

Mid Year and Final Reports

Competitive, Mini, and CE Grants to Libraries

The Mid Year (if required- see GIA) and Final Reports will be submitted through the Community Grants Portal. 

  • Log into the Portal with your user account: 
  • Click on Update
  • Locate your funded grant and click on the Application ID (APP-00xxxx)
  • Click on New Report
  • Under the Action heading, click New

Report templates (in Word) will be also posted here for your convenience.

CE Stipends to Individuals



CE Grants to Libraries

  • Log into the Portal with your user account: 
  • Click on Update
  • Locate your funded grant and click on the Application ID (APP-00xxxx)
  • Click on New Report
  • Under the Action heading, click New

A report template (in Word) is also posted below for your convenience.

Required Surveys

IMLS Guidance - Allowable Costs, ADA, eBooks, LEP, Title IX, etc.

IMLS has prepared a series of guidance memos on how to administer and report on the use of LSTA funds.