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2023 LSTA

About the Soundproof Study Pod Initiative

NSLAPR Statewide Initiative to Build Library Capacity

Soundproof Study Pods

NSLAPR will purchase single person soundproof study pods for eligible Nevada libraries as part of the LSTA funded Library Capacity Statewide Initiative, to help libraries build their capacity to meet the evolving work and study needs of their service populations.  

Soundproof Study Pods provide dedicated individual work spaces that are free from distractions; they are lighted and ventilated, with sidewalls made from sound-insulating glass, ensuring privacy without confinement. They may be integrated with scheduling calendars. No construction is required.


All participating libraries will benefit from increased capacity to provide their users with a private, soundproof space that may be used for solitary and focused work, communications, and study. Soundproofing keeps out speech and other sounds that can hinder focus and productivity.


  • Funding available: ~$450,000 in federal LSTA funds
  • Project Period: January -September 30, 2024.
  • Application Deadline: February 29, 2024
  • Funding Priority: Institutional Capacity
  • IMLS Intent: Institutional Capacity
  • Nevada LSTA Goal: 2, Capacity, Training, and Sustainability
  • Who may apply: Eligible Nevada Libraries.


  • One Single-person Soundproof Study Pod per Library Jurisdiction or School District (not school, branch, or location) UNLESS all pods aren’t allocated.
  • The library may not charge to use the pod
  • The pod must be located in the library (not a classroom, administrative office, etc.)
  • Libraries must meet eligibility requirements to participate:


  • Project announcement: January 9
  • Mandatory Informational sessions:
  • Application available: After viewing of Informational Session
  • Deadline to apply: Feb. 29, 2024
  • Applications processing: March 1-March 8, 2024
  • Order finalization: March 2024
  • Pod Delivery: May/June 2024
  • Usage Stats collection period: through Sept. 30, 2024
  • Final Report: Due Oct. 31, 2024

How to Participate

Step 1, Attend a Mandatory Information Session

Step 2, Complete the Application

  • The application link will be shared during the mandatory Informational Sessions
  • Pease contact if you have problems accessing the application link via the recording.
  • Application Deadline: February 29, 2024

Step 3, Award Notification and Order Finalization

  • Upon application approval, libraries will submit an order form to the vendor to finalize set up and delivery

Step 4, Final Report

  • A final report, consisting of study pod usage statistics, local lessons learned, and anecdotal information is required.
  • Reporting of local outcomes is optional, but welcome.
  • Final Report deadline: Oct. 31, 2024

Mandatory Informational Sessions

Jan. 30 @ 9 am Recording

Application available: Link posted at the end of each Informational Session

Please contact if you have problems accessing the application link via the recording.

Evaluation Rubric

The following rubric will determine the award of Soundproof Study Pods. NSLAPR will make every effort to fund all eligible libraries who complete the application with a passing score and attend the informational session. If demand exceeds funding, priority will go to libraries who have no soundproof study pods and libraries who have not received an LSTA grant in the past 3 years to procure soundproof study pods.




The library has certified that it has the physical space to accommodate the single person pod.


The library has certified that it will track usage during the project period.


The library has certified that it will consider the pod to be Equipment and abide by federal requirements outlined in 2 CFR 200.313 Equipment.


Rubric, 30 pts possible



The library has described its need for a study pod.

  • 1-3: does not describe the need
  • 4-6: vaguely describes the need
  • 7-10: specifically describes the need, with examples

The library has certified the number of existing private soundproof spaces (rooms and/or pods) available for its users

  • 10: 0 spaces  
  • 7: Less than 1 space (avg) per location
  • 4: 1 space (avg) per location
  • 0: More than 1 space (avg) per location

The library received an LSTA grant in the past 3 years to fund soundproof study pods.

  • 10: No
  • 0: Yes


Soundproof Study Pod Specifications

Click HERE for the spec sheet

Single-person Soundproof Study Pods for this initiative will be procured via a GSA contract. Click HERE for specifications for Framery One pods. The pods have a compact footprint and come with a movability kit for repositioning and a SIM card to collect (anonymous) usage data.

Color options:

  • white or black exterior;
  • gray or sand interior;
  • white, black, or oak veneer table. 

Libraries may contract directly with the vendor for personalized branding or wraps.


Soundproof Study Pods are considered to be Equipment over $5,000 and thus are subject to the requirements set forth in 2 CFR 200.313 Equipment