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Retention Notice

Records retention and disposition schedules (NAC 239.926) identify the length of time official state records (NAC 239.705) must be retained before final disposition, which includes destruction or transfer to the State Archives. The approved State Agency Retentions Schedules are available in the links below.

Disposition Schedule Statements:

  • Destroy (destruction of non-confidential records, which may be deleted or recycles)
  • Destroy Securely (secure destruction, which is to destroy in such a manner that the records cannot be retrieved or  reconstructed per NAC 239.722)
  • Permanent: Transfer to the State Archives
  • Permanent: Retained by Agency

Retention Schedule Revision

Records officers should periodically review the agency's retention schedule to determine if all records of the agency (NAC 239.705) are addressed in the schedule. It is recommended that records officers review their agencies' schedules after every legislative session, or every five years at a minimum. Records officers may request revisions to the agency's schedule at any time. Reasons for revisions may include but are not limited to the creation of a new records series, modification of a current records series, or the deletion of a obsolete records series. Instructions and guidance on the scheduling process, as well as the process to update records series are available on our website or email Ask State Records.

Executive Branch Retention Schedules

Attorney for Injured Workers

Bond Program

Consumer Affairs Division

Director, Legal Counsel

Financial Institutions

Housing Division

Industrial Insurance Regulation

Industrial Relations

Insurance Division

Labor Commissioner

Local Government Employee Management Relations Board

Manufactured Housing

Real Estate Division

Taxi Cab Authority

Transportation Authority

Please contact the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) Records Management program for more information ~ 775-888-7000

or visit the website at: